How To Enhance Your Career with Volunteerism

Aug 14, 2018

Whether you are serving as a board member, participating in a committee or task force, hosting an event or manning a trade show booth, your volunteer efforts are vital to both the success of your organization and your own advancement. If you are looking for ways to enhance your career, network with peers, and create meaningful changes - volunteering presents opportunities for both professional and personal growth.


In their article "Ten Professional Development Benefits of Volunteering", Merrill Associates outlines how volunteering not only gives back to your community, it is also a wonderful way to enhance your career and make impactful changes in your industry. 
Better Networking
Getting involved as a volunteer can offer incredible networking opportunities, allowing you to meet and work closely with other professionals and industry leaders. "You not only develop life long personal and professional relationships (friends), you can also hear about job openings, gather insider employment information and develop great references." 
Advance Your Skill Set
In the shifting landscape of the real estate industry, its no surprise that professionals need to have a wide set of skills to succeed. This is why volunteer opportunities are so valuable: they provide a low-risl environment for exploring and building new skills, while also allowing you to exercise and retain older skill sets. "Volunteering is a perfect venue for keeping those skills sharp and current." 
Make an Impact
There are many options available for professionals who want to shape the future of real estate. If you feel strongly about what is happening in the industry, getting involved with a professional organization like REIC can be the perfect vehicle for change."Volunteering can help you be more than a passive traveler."
Volunteer Opportunities with REIC
REIC is currently looking for Members to volunteer for the following: 

Annual Conference Committee  
less than 1 year commitment

Audit Committee 
1 year commitment

Awards Committee 
6-8 months commitment

Future Conference & Awards Advisory Committee
minimum 1 year commitment 

Nominating Committee *
less than 1 year commitment

Bylaws & Governance Committee 
minimum 1 year commitment

Designation Steering Committee
minimum 1 year commitment 

FRI & CRP Designation Subcommittees
minimum 1 year commitment 

Chapter Steering Committee 
minimum 1 year commitment 

Chapter Interviews 
ongoing commitment

Professional Standards Research 
as needed

*Must be past or current Chapter President

If you would like to volunteer for any of these roles, please email Shelley at for more information.



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Written by REIC National

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