Understanding the Importance of Social Media Presence

Feb 08, 2018
Traditional advertising is no longer enough to stay competitive. Agents need to harness the potential of social media to connect with potential clients and showcase new properties. Why is a social media presence important for agents? Understand more about how being active on social media can benefit agents today.
Social Media

Grow your network. Not only connect with past and current clients but also those professionals who can provide valuable support for an audience. Think big when it comes to networking. A social media page or platform is a way to create a virtual community wherein those in the industry at a local level can share information, connect, provide useful resources and share clients. Some find it useful to connect with professional peers. These connections can help one stay on top of the current practices with the industry and gauge the type of content that might work for one’s audience.

However, it may also be useful to connect with those lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage lenders who can provide insight to an audience. In that way an agent’s page and website can be a one-stop shop where an audience can browse different types of content and guest posts that can serve them at various stages of the home buying or home selling process. Certain Facebook groups allow agents and professionals to connect and offer content of value. Mutually like and share each other’s content when applicable to increase reach and potential attract new clients.
Lead Generation
One key reason to get going on social media is to attract new leads. Having and managing one or more social media profiles, such as on Facebook and Twitter, can help an agent attract new leads and referrals with little expense. In addition, agents can use social media advertising to increase reach and gain new followers.

Consider creating and posting videos to Facebook and YouTube to market a business and provide useful information. Facebook likes promoting videos over other types of content at this stage. It makes sense for agents to make use of the types of content preferred on different types of platforms. Videos are also a way for an agent to build a more personal connection with an audience and connect on an emotional level with viewers.
Social media usage is necessary to build an agent’s brand and promote their business. This does not mean an agent should take this opportunity to come off as overly promotional or just post listings as this can turn off an audience. Rather, agents can use social media to share their expertise and position themselves as an authority. The question to ask oneself is this:

Will this piece of content be useful to followers?

Content that is valuable is often shared and works to drive engagement on a page. Comments, clicks and shares lets agents know how well content is being received and what types of content are likely to engage a specific audience. Agents need to listen to their followers and respond to various forms of engagement. Social media is a way to have regular conversations with those who find a piece of content of value or interest.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and respond to feedback on platforms. Creating and sharing valuable content consistently should be a goal for agents who want to develop their brand and become top of mind when it comes time for potential clients to consider buying or selling a home.

Stay on Top of Platform Changes
Social media evolves and with it does some of the best practices often recommended. Agents who use social media to build their brand and attract new leads need to know what types of content are most likely to be organically promoted, and understand any new restrictions and changes for optimal delivery on each platform.

Agents cannot rest on their proverbial laurels. Continue to engage and learn about how to best leverage selected platforms to reach various demographics interested in expert real estate advice.
Anthony Gilbert, REALTOR

Written by Anthony Gilbert, REALTOR

Anthony Gilbert is the owner of The RealFX Group. Anthony specializes in real estate, real estate marketing, managing the team and achieving set goals.