Professionalism Shines: Why I Prefer Designated Property Managers

Mar 03, 2020
As a practicing property manager, consultant and court specialist I am always engaging with other property and asset managers. I have worked with professionals ranging from the self-taught to those with extensive training. It has been my general observation that when I am at the "other side” of any business transaction involving property managers, it is the ones with additional training that are most equipped to handle their assignments.

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Property management training in Canada comes from a variety of sources whether it be from national organizations such as the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), BOMA Canada and the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) or programs offered at the provincial and college levels. I believe the REIC trained practitioner who holds such designations as the FRI, CPM or ARM simply exudes professionalism; they come prepared for their assignments; they know the information that is required; they articulate their positions more professionally; they dress for the occasion and they rarely let their side down. 

What is it that gives them this luster? I believe it is the high quality and strong standards set forth by the Institute that shines through. REIC has rigorous education and experience requirements in all their designation programs. What's more, REIC designated members are dedicated to continued learning; they seek to be the best and they display their knowledge with confidence and credibility. REIC offers the Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) and Accredited Residential Manager® (ARM®) designations to Canadian property managers on behalf of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), and these industry-leading credentials are recognized globally as a sign of excellence. 

They Have Better Ethics

Ethical standards are a questionable area in our profession. Due to improper practices there has been declining trust in the industry, and in response we are seeing more organizations and education providers stress the importance of business ethics and best practices. REIC itself was founded in 1955 to address the growing need for standardized real estate education and a national code of ethical business conduct. Ask yourself, how many property managers truly pass the test?

I am proud to share that I live by my code of ethics in both my personal and professional life, and I can be assured that my CPM designated colleagues live by that same code. All REIC Members must complete a senior-level Ethics in Business Practice course and pledge to uphold the Institute's Code of Professional Standards. Additionally, CPM and ARM designated professionals are bound by the IREM Code. Both REIC and IREM oversee their membership through their professional standards committees and are prepared to suspend a member for improper conduct.


They Never Stop Learning

Lifelong learning is a cornerstone of REIC membership. In a rapidly changing society, our profession is constantly evolving - even the process of accessing new information and advancing our skills is changing exponentially. Dare anyone ever say they know it all! I submit that if we are to call ourselves "professionals" then we are also compelled to keep our knowledge and skills current, how else can we provide the best service? When we commit ourselves to continued professional development, we also elevate educational and ethical standards across the country. This value is central to the Institute's mission. REIC Members may purchase courses at a discounted price and may re-take and/or audit courses offered in their cities. Both REIC and IREM foster and encourage learning as a cornerstone to continued success.

They Are Well-Connected

Networking is another strong benefit of being an active REIC Member. Membership provides the platform for individuals to meet, learn from and exchange information on a regular and “open door” basis. On a national level, this becomes an invaluable asset. The Institute has local Chapters across the country, and its members represent multiple sectors within the industry. Through partnership with IREM, REIC membership connects us to a global community of real estate leaders - bringing together like-minded professionals who have all pledged to improve business standards through continued education and collaboration. This alone provides significant value to any business relationship or transaction.

I have the utmost pride in the level of professionalism we support at REIC, and I would like to remind my colleagues that the value of advanced designations and the opportunities inherent in association memberships have a greater value than we may initially think. I am a proud REIC and IREM member, and a CPM and CMOC designated property manager. My association involvement demonstrates my professionalism and commitment to my career.


Saadat Keshavjee, CPM® CMOC

Written by Saadat Keshavjee, CPM® CMOC

Founder and president of Amhurst Property Management Ltd. in Calgary, Saadat has been engaged in real estate for most of his life. He has worked in all parts of the industry from land acquisition / development to management across real estate sectors. Educated in three continents, Sadaat has been instructing real estate in Canada since 1989, and has been IREM faculty since 1996.